Get the Addiction Help You and Your Family Need

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family as well as the addict or alcoholic. Each family member has their own experience of how the person’s behavior has impacted their lives. Recovery for an addict or alcoholic is more sustainable when their family members and partners understand how to support the recovery process and create clear, healthy boundaries. Bay Area Sober Companions helps the client, their family, and their partners move forward as a unified and engaged team.

Education and Counseling for Family Members

Bay Area Sober Companions’ addiction help, education and counseling for family members, enables each person to better understand:

  • The disease of addiction and how it impacts the addicted person as well as other individuals
  • Family members cannot control an addict’s behavior
  • How to establish a support network to help the addict or alcoholic and their family successfully go through the recovery process
  • How to set personal boundaries and communicate more effectively
  • What Al-Anon is and how it can help
  • Ways to set goals for taking care of yourself as the addict or alcoholic goes through the process of recovery

If you have a family member or loved one who is suffering from addiction, Bay Area Sober Companions can help. We know how to work with every type of addiction: alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and substance abuse. We can help every member of your family understand the addiction process and what they can do to better sustain their loved one through a successful recovery.