Sober and Safe Transport

Bay Area Sober Companions’ experienced recovery specialists accompany clients to treatment facilities and other services as supportive traveling companions. They can also accompany clients to “high risk” events, such as weddings and out of town business trips.

When a family has confronted an alcoholic or addict, it is critical that they receive immediate safe transport to treatment. Many addicts feel that they are not yet ready for treatment. Bay Area Sober Companions have been in recovery themselves for at least five years and are trained in helping others come to terms with accepting help. We can provide the care and direction the addict needs to agree to and then travel safely to a treatment center.

The Safety And Comfort of Our Client Is Our Highest Priority

When a newly recovered addict is ready to leave the treatment center, traveling back home can be a stressful and anxiety-ridden experience. Some alcoholics and addicts relapse on the way home from treatment. Leaving treatment, returning home, or entering an unfamiliar place like a sober living environment can make them very uncomfortable. If they are uncomfortable, they might feel the need to drink or use drugs.

At Bay Area Sober Companions, the safety and comfort of our client is our highest priority. We can provide safe, sober transport and coordinated care for our clients, such as:

  • Provide assistance for the necessary packing preparations to a treatment facility, as well as companionship during the transport
  • Provide companionship and transportation for clients who must fly long distances or may have to stay overnight in a hotel room before being admitted to a treatment facility
  • Arrive at the treatment facility at the time of discharge and escort the client back home to prevent stressful situations and even relapse
  • Be a supportive traveling companion for clients to “high risk” events or 12-Step or other recovery program meetings

Bay Area Sober Companions is available 24/7 to provide safe, sober transport anywhere within the United States or internationally.