Doug Casper

Since his recovery Doug has worked in substance abuse treatment at several facilities. This was when Doug realized alcoholics and addicts need help to stay clean and sober when they leave treatment. He has firsthand knowledge that treatment is the beginning of the recovery process.

Shortly, after starting Shine A Light, Doug began to receive calls from friends and families of addicts and alcoholics, most often asking how to get their loved one into treatment. So began the Initial Involvement Strategy to help alcoholics and addicts get to treatment.

Partnered with treatment facilities across the country, Shine A Light continues to help clients transition into recovery. It is our goal to provide additional support to the newly sober individual, helping build a strong foundation from which a new sober life can unfold.


Although there are currently many sober living environments nationwide, there are very few certications that are holding these facilities accountable. Shine A Light is dedicated dening and adhering to a strict standard of service and professionalism. SAL is a current industry leader in addiction recovery and aims to shine a light on others in the industry. Together we grow stronger.


Our plans integrate testing, meetings, therapy, and a daily regimen that build the character and strength necessary to forgive the past and embrace the future.


Each resident’s individualized care plan is custom designed to develop the discipline and skills needed to establish and maintain string recovery and lifelong sobriety

Peer Support

Peer support meetings will also be conducted weekly offsite by a certi ed AOD (alcohol and other drug) counselor throughout the recovery process.

Respect &

The Shine A Light team
and community consists on people who have gone through this before. Each resident is treated with respect and dignity.


After treatment, many underestimate the challenges of transitioning back to everyday life. Although it
may be tempting to immediately return home, studies have found that your chances of success will be greatly
increased if you move into a certified Sober Living Environment for at least the next 90 days.

Peer driven

Peer driven support is a shared path with individuals and counselors who have experienced addiction and understand what you are going through right now.


The support you get right now is crucial to your long-term health and sobriety. This group of peers and professionals will help you stay on the path to sustained recovery.