Testimonials from family members

“Our family had the good fortune to find Shine A Light Recovery after our son had been in many highly regarded residential treatment programs. At the end of each stay he was clean and sober, determined to stay well, avoid self-medicating, and return to putting his life together. It didn’t happen.
At that time we did not realize that the most important elements of his recovery had not been addressed:
1. His real problems were never properly treated or diagnosed.
2. There was no practical plan for after care.
By the time he made his way to California, he was in real trouble. It was only by great good luck that we were referred to a doctor who soon referred us to Shine A Light.
Our son has been in the Shine A Light program for over a year now. There is no doubt that Doug Casper and the caring Personal Recovery Assistants saved his life.
His problems have now been correctly addressed and a strong outpatient program has been put in place. Our son is finally recovering and for the first time in years, we are looking forward to the future.”

G.C. and M.C., parents

“The unwavering commitment and fierce dedication demonstrated by Doug and his team was extraordinary. Their uninterrupted determination to get my son in a safe environment was above and beyond all expectation. They not only protected my son, they supported me 24/7 through this extremely heartbreaking, volatile process. Their expertise and guidance led us to a path filled with hope and healing.”


“Shine A Light has been a support for our son for several months now; he is stable, has a job, and is nine months sober. He is a very complex case, with serious mental illness and serious consequences from his drug abuse. His case manager was there for our whole family through multiple crises. Our son would simply not have made it this far in his recovery without Shine A Light.”


“SAL provided for our daughter a seamless program staffed with thoughtful, caring, but tough recovery minded sober companions who have “been around the block” and practice what it means to live one day at a time.”


“We’ve consulted with Doug Casper off and on for the past year because our 17-year-old son has been struggling with marijuana addiction. Doug has been supportive, helpful, and professional — and is one of the few experts we’ve spoken with who has actually been able to make a solid connection with our son. The reason: Doug’s real-world experience and no-nonsense manner make him easier for some kids to relate to than traditional therapists. Shine A Light is our go-to place for drug testing and advice on issues large and small.”

Family member

“I don’t know what we would have done without Doug Casper and his team. Not living in the same city as our son, they have been of immediate assistance when we have needed it most. Shine A Light staff are knowledgeable and think outside of the box when trying to resolve problems. They are good at interfacing with other members of our son’s medical team and have made a difference in his continuing sobriety. I highly recommend them for any family looking for that extra one-on-one assistance and to provide peace of mind to parents.”

J.S., family member

“Our son has a long history of addiction. We worked with Doug to select a rehab program catered to our son’s needs. Doug transported our son and met with the rehab staff, giving them details of our son’s addiction and behavior. When our son returned from the rehab after six months, he reached out to Doug and started working with Ron Patrick for individual counseling and also attended the Tuesday night men’s session. Using SAL’s services, we were able to set boundaries with our son and have a professional, caring staff intercede on our behalf.”

Parents in the East Bay

Testimonials from clients

“I have been living at Shine A Light’s sober living for two months and have been sober for nearly five. The Shine A Light staff is incredibly supportive. They are sensitive to my needs without overwhelming me. I deeply appreciate what they have done for me and my life.”

Katie F., Client

“Doug was an intricate part of my early recovery. Doug was very capable of balancing his emotional involvement and objective decision making. Having been a chronic relapser, I have been in and out of various treatments and had numerous counselors. Doug is unique in the sense that he was there for me in my early recovery, and I still would not hesitate to contact him if I needed advice or just someone to talk to. I have very fond memories of Doug and am very grateful he was a part of my road to recovery.”

John C. Client

“Doug was instrumental in helping me through the first difficult weeks of sobriety. He showed me the first steps toward becoming a productive, responsible, happy adult. Nearly two years later, I still give him my highest recommendation.”

Josh B. Client

“My brother relapsed after 15 years of sobriety which led to his losing his job, jeopardizing his marriage, and generally putting his life in a downward spiral. Doug Casper and his Shine a Light staff provided a safe, private, and very professional way of stabilizing a destructive situation. The follow up support and monitoring assured a successful outcome.
I would highly recommend Doug and his service.”

SC., Kentfield

“I’ve been working with Shine A Light since January, 2014. Doug Casper and his company helped save my life. With his leadership and coaching skills, I have recently celebrated five months of continuous sobriety.”

T.H., Client

“Doug is highly committed to his recovery and this commitment shows through in his work with others. Doug has an extensive knowledge of the recovery process and real empathy that makes him ideally suited to help people in early recovery. In my personal experience, having Doug there through the recovery process was extremely helpful, and I continue to admire his perspective. There are quite a few lessons I learned from Doug that I still carry with me today.”

Scott R. Client

Testimonials from Professionals

“Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with Doug Casper from Shine A Light. From the beginning Doug has impressed me with his knowledge of the disease of addiction, his understanding of the challenges faced in early recovery, and his ability to reach out to the most recalcitrant and unwilling of clients. Doug has an authoritative and experienced voice, as well as a disarming and supportive demeanor. Never did I doubt that Doug was looking out for the best interests of our patients, nor did I doubt that patients recognized his utmost commitment to their well-being. Doug’s treatment expertise, personal experience, and common sense are a rare combination in the addiction treatment field. While by definition not all addicts are prepared to change, it is clear to me that Doug’s approach motivates his clients to make serious and significant changes on their path to sobriety.”

Steve Balt, MD

The team at Shine A Light Recovery is excellent. Their approach to helping clients make real addiction recovery possible creates a supportive space for clients to connect to a new way of life. I appreciate their desire to jointly customize clinically driven care for what are significant clinical issues. At the same time, I love that I continue to learn from them as well. Collaboration is easy and clients benefit from their care and commitment to the most optimal outcomes.”

Dr. Tracy Thomas, Ph.D.

“Doug Casper and Shine A Light (SAL) have provided reliable and skillful recovery services to our patients for the last three years. Whether it is the middle of the night on a holiday or a weekend or at our regular staff meetings on Mondays, we have been able to count on Doug and SAL for support, navigation of the stormy seas of addiction and detox, emotional sophistication, and humor in the midst of it all. My association with Doug is one of the high points of my 25 year career in the field of addiction medicine.”

Howard Kornfeld, MD
Medical Director, Recovery Without Walls
Medical Director, Pain Management and Functional Restoration Clinic, Highland Hospital, Alameda Health Systems

“I have had several clients in common with Doug Casper and his team—in detox, sober companion and monitoring situations—and have heard nothing but praise and respect for their professionalism, integrity, and compassionate caring.”

Michael Skrodzki, MA, MFT San Rafael

“I have worked with Doug Casper and Shine A Light for three years as a massage therapist for detox, specifically for individuals in recovery. I believe in their individualized approach to intervention and ongoing recovery, especially with dual diagnosis. Because of the fragile nature of recovery—a flexible but firm approach with plenty of compassion is required. Doug and his team have that firmness and compassion.”

Carol Meer, BA, Certified Massage Therapist

“I’ve had the chance to work with Doug Casper and the Shine A Light organization on multiple occasions and have always found Doug and his staff to be extremely professional and compassionate. I view Shine A Light almost like a life-line for people who have run out of options and need a safe way to get help. On numerous occasions, Doug and his staff have assisted clients when they were in a very difficult and dangerous situations.
Working at a residential rehabilitation program I have experienced just how difficult transitions can be for clients. The transition into a program and working with families to initially have someone reach out for help, and the transition out of a program and helping clients re-integrate back to society. The Shine A Light organization is one that I trust to help individuals with these very difficult transitions. They are responsible, reliable, and truly care about the people they work with.”

Senadhi Parakrama, Psy. D, Director of Clinical Services, Olympia House

“I’ve known Doug as both a professional and as a friend, and his enthusiasm that aligns with helping people recover is remarkable. I’ve always been able to count on him for any situation. I feel he specializes in complicated cases and he brings a much needed level of compassion to families in crisis.”

Ryan Cooper, Executive Director and Co-Founder of North Bay Recovery Center

“I have known Doug Casper for several years. The work that Doug and staff are doing at Shine a Light is rare and indispensable. I am a private practice psychotherapist specializing in substance abuse and sex addictions. I often consult with Doug regarding cases, interventions, treatment facilities, and approaching complex cases. Doug responds quickly and always has helpful insight. He is extremely committed to this work and will do whatever it takes to best help my clients. More accurately, this is not just work for Doug, but a life’s work. He’ll meet clients at airports, meetings, in their home, help them get into the right treatment centers as well as providing the critical sober coaching and living arrangements needed.
I’ve worked in several residential and outpatient drug treatment centers. Time and time again I found that a structured comprehensive discharge plan was the critical piece lacking. Doug understands this major deficit and fills in the gaps where even the best drug treatment centers continually fail. I’d recommend a consultation with him and his staff at any stage of the recovery process. I believe he can be a lifelong partner and support in changing one’s life.”

Andrew Sussman, LCSW Private Practice, San Francisco

“I have referred many clients to Doug over the past year and a half. Shine A Light is always available, even at last minute notice. The staff with whom I have worked is well trained and able to handle even the most challenging situations. The Shine A Light team is passionate about recovery; the clients I referred to SAL Recovery have been happy with his team of professionals. With his beautiful sober living home in San Rafael, I recommend Doug’s services to individuals seeking recovery.”

Rosemary O’Connor, Founder of ROC Recovery Services for Women